Mobile Marketing Trends

You are missing an opportunity if you do not have a mobile website & marketing strategy. According to Forrester Research, a mobile marketing agenda is on three out of four marketers’ lists this year.

As with any marketing program, you need to understand how the mobile landscape is evolving and how this affects your target audience. To understand why 2011 is the year to add mobile to your marketing mix, here’s the skinny.

  1. Smartphones are projected to reach a tipping point later this year.They’ll account for half of the mobile phone market says The Nielsen Company .
  2. With mobile, smartphones include more than just talking.
  3. How we use content has changed on mobile. As a result, we now multitask to get information. Mobile allows us to do so quickly.
  4. Mobile advertising continues high growth trajectory. In aggregate, mobile advertising is projected to grow almost 50 percent to $1.1 billion in 2011, according to eMarketer.

So What Does This Mean for Your 2012 Marketing?

Regardless of your business focus, you need to allocate budget and headcount to mobile. To this end, set business goals for your marketing strategies and select related metrics before you jump in to ensure that you can track the results of your marketing investment.

For many businesses, the Smartphone is where the battle is moving. Smartphones are where consumers are examining your offering and your competitors’. Even brick-and-mortar stores must understand that even if a customer’s in your establishment, you may not get the sale, especially since consumers prefer checking their mobiles to talking to people!