Why Your Business Must Have a Great Website Design

Whether you are just getting started or already own an established business, having a professional website should be your top priority. While it’s certainly true that word of mouth recommendations are important, many potential customers will also visit your website before deciding to use your services. Think of your website as the first impression that you give to the world and take advantage of this great opportunity to convince web surfers that you are professional, experienced and qualified to provide exactly what they are looking for.

Creating Your Own Site

Today, it’s easy for anyone to create their own website through the use of templates and other tools. However, a simple site that only features a page with your company name and contact information on it will not exude professionalism or convince potential clients that your products or services are worth the price. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that having a simple, one-page site is enough—you need to aim for a website that is chock full of information, easy to navigate and sure to grab the attention of anyone who views it.

If you have some Internet knowledge, you can start with a template and modify it to better meet your needs. Don’t be afraid of hiring a professional though. A web designer can help you create a site that meshes well with your business and gets you noticed in a good way.


You might already have a company logo. If so, definitely make sure to incorporate it into your site. Not only does a logo help establish brand recognition, a company website without a logo tends to look very unprofessional. If you don’t yet have a logo, consider hiring a graphic designer to help you create one. While you may be able to throw something together on your own, a low-quality logo plastered front and center on your website is sure to give pause to potential customers and result in a less-than-stellar first impression of your company.

Color Scheme

It might seem logical to simply pick your favorite colors and plaster them all over your new website. On the contrary, the color scheme you choose for your site can affect the impression that visitors have of your business. A poorly designed site may feature colors that are either too subdued or too vibrant. For example, a site that is entirely black and white could seem too drab and boring while a site featuring neon pink and purple could be too difficult to even read.

Those who aren’t familiar with website design are often overwhelmed when it comes to picking colors for their site. If you have a logo, consider using colors that complement it. While it’s okay to pick subdued colors, more vibrant colors can be used to tastefully draw attention to specific areas of your site. A web designer will be able to help you incorporate your favorite colors into your site without sacrificing its professionalism.


A professional site that draws in clients won’t simply feature walls of text that are difficult to read and sort through. The text on a high quality website is made easier to read by using short paragraphs, informative headings and even bulleted lists when appropriate. Of course, the font, size and color of the text is also extremely important to ensure it’s easy to read.

In addition to the look of the text, the content of it is also important. The most eye-catching text will not do you any good if it doesn’t contain valuable information or if it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. You can hire a professional to help you edit your website’s text or even write it for you from scratch if needed.

Pictures and Videos

A website that only consists of text may be informative, but it will not be aesthetically pleasing. Pictures and videos make browsing your website interesting. If it applies to your business, consider including actual photos of your products or videos of your services being provided. This will give potential clients the ability to see what you are offering, helping to convince them to do business with you. Otherwise, take a look at stock images and videos to add some punch to your site.

Make sure to always use high-quality photos and videos on your website. Sites that feature grainy images or blurry videos will not convince visitors of the quality of your services. If necessary, hire someone with the proper equipment to help capture the photos and videos that you need.