How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

changewebdesignToday’s competitive market is much different than it was just a few short years ago. Since the advent of the Internet, businesses have learned to adapt to new and innovative ways to make the most of their websites. Unfortunately, others have failed to keep their sites up-to-date.

Why Do I Need to Redesign?

Business owners should understand the need to provide their clients an online avenue to explore their products and services. With a growing number of consumers choosing to do their shopping online, the competition is no longer limited to the business down the road. Today, people have hundreds of choices at the click of a mouse.

It is crucial for those who have not done so in awhile to take a new approach to their websites. Not only does this offer viewers a fresh visual every time they visit, but it can increase hits on the site, bringing the business much more overall revenue.

Changing Trends

Just as with the latest fashions, web design trends change over time. As the competitors adapt to these changes, those who fail to do so are stuck in last year’s fashion, and viewers quickly pick up on this. If your page was designed in the 90’s with no updates, it’s definitely time for a change! Technology is transforming daily, and other web designers have added conveniences to their viewers that they will not find on an outdated website.

Is a Complete Redesign Necessary Often?

For those who have failed to make frequent updates to their website, a redesign is absolutely necessary to acquire the desired traffic. However, once it is up-to-par and comparable to others in its niche, it is easy to maintain the site; it just takes time and effort on a daily basis.

There are numerous tools available to analyze the statistics of your website, and it just takes initiative to utilize these resources. For busy business owners, it is worth the investment of a web designer or SEO professional to provide these daily touches.

Know Your Conversion Rates

Too many simply create a website and expect the viewers to start rolling in. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Hard work and dedication is necessary for online success. The only way to understand how your website is doing and areas of opportunity that exist, you must stay aware of how many of your viewers actually convert. If the rates are lower than they should be, it is likely time to redesign your website.

Yearly Analysis

After your complete redesign supplemented with daily updates, business owners should sit down annually and analyze their overall approach to their website. Unlike the redesign, the daily updates have likely proven to drive traffic. The annual overview allows you time to decide if certain aspects of the current design and layout of the page may need some additional work. It is also a time to see how many of your hits convert into sales.

Professional Evaluation Worth the Investment

If you are unsure whether or not your website is competitive in today’s worldwide market, having its content reviewed by a professional is well worth the investment. They can offer valuable suggestions regarding the layout and pinpoint other useful problem areas such as poor SEO implementation.

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